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3 Ways to Discipline Our Self for Success

No objection: self discipline is vital in reaching our success. But most of us bear in our mind this vision of discipline: sacrifice, strain and difficulty.

It has to be so hard? Below are three less discomfort ways to discipline for success:

1. Changing our mind toward discipline. Our common reaction is that discipline consists of unpleasant activities, so we tend to put those activities aside until we feel pleasant to deal with them.
Instead, try to focus on the sense of accomplishment we gain when we finished the task. Affirming our self how great we'll feel when we conquer the challenge. So pump our self and done it all ASAP.

2. Take gradual steps. It's useless to force our self tackling huge list tasks immediately. Rather, try to get first thing first, start from the fairly easy to accomplish. Make sure we done that task in fairly period, than add another task, increased in size or frequency. Doing more each time we keep increasing our task. Eventually we'll find our self…

Success Through Self-Images

What are the images we hold of our self? Are those mental pictures about our self reflecting what we really want for our life? It is very important for us to take notice of our self-images because they can support or weaken our efforts to success.

If we feel pride and confidence of our self-images it’s mean we have a positive self-images. Then we have to continue to nurture those images. But if we feel that a change is needed to align with a better self-images that we desire, then an immediate way to begin is to figure out what change is needed and make a commitment to take action on it. Remaining on our present state is not an option.

While we take action day by day to make the change, we refine our visualization of our self-images as detail as possible.

If we persist in this change, we will notice there is a shift in how we mentally picturing our self. As we develop more positive self-images, our self confidence will increase. Better self-images will produce better enthusiasm and creat…

Making Self Motivation Work

Do you really want to make self motivation work for you? Below are some fail-safe techniques.

a) State goals.
First of all, we must state our goals with deadlines. If we can’t state our own goals, the chance is we don’t know where we’re heading for. It is hard to develop a strong desire of achievement if we don’t really sure what to achieve. Experts have always mentioned it: know what you want and want it stoutly, if you want to achieve it.

b) Think positively.
It is vital to think positively and act positively about our personality. Put it this way: we can’t get positive outcome if we think negatively. Optimism is exceptionally important to achieve success in life. It increases our likelihood of achieving success to a vast extent.

c) Make plan.
Steve Chandler, a motivational speaker, once stated: “Successfully planned work will definitely motivate you to do more and more until you become unstoppable.” An action plan in itself contained immense source of motivation. It will also save us a…

Self Motivation Through Self Affirmation

Self motivation is essential for our success. To be success in whatever area in our life we need to be self motivated person. Motivation empowered us for success. But what is the most effective way to develop such motivation? It is by using positive self affirmation.

Self affirmation means simply talking to our self. That why it’s also called self talk. It’s a declaration or statement we make about our self. It’s about what we want to be, or to do, or to have, specifically.

“I am the best frontliner.”
“I will make 20 phone calls a day.”
“I will buy that house six months from now.”

Notice that positive self affirmation has some key ingredients: positive, specific, and using first person and present tense.

Self affirmation is like reminding our self about what we want become. It’s built attitudes as well as confidence in our own capabilities. It’s replace the negative thinking with positive thinking about our self.

Self affirmation that been creates in our conscious mind, supplies our unconsci…

Tea Warning

On June 13 I wrote in this blog about some advantages of drinking tea. Some friends responded to the post and give me information about the disadvantages.

Tea is not recommended for person with anemia syndrome. Tannin ingredients in tea very easy to composed with ferrum forming liquid ferros. It’s blocked the absorption of ferrum needed by someone with anemia.

Tannin also works like caffeine. Its makes the heart works harder by stimulating heart beat faster. So it’s dangerous for a person with chronic heart disease. That why drinking tea can increase nervousness on insomnia case. Tea stimulates nerve system and increase basic metabolism, makes someone hard to sleep.

Pregnant woman and mother providing mother-milk for infant should take a special care in consuming tea because it’s may affect their child.