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Tips to Appreciate

What is the most motivating factor on employee lists? Is it money? Rank? More and more studies show us that the answer is appreciation. People in the work place want recognition and praise, more than money and sex, for doing their job well.

But why there are so many owners and managers don’t give appreciation? Some said they don’t know how to do that. Well, I think this is a big mistake. Lack of appreciation skill sooner or later will decrease overall employee’s morale and performance.

Here are some tips on how to give appreciation to employee that can increase their motivation:
• Be public when giving appreciation. It works best if giving in a public way.
• Be consistent in giving appreciation. Inconsistent appreciation will raise the issue of favoritism and grows bad morale.
• Be exact on action(s) or behavior that is appreciating, so employee clearly understands what action(s) that is expected.
• Be soon to give appreciation. The distant of time between the action and the appreciation will influence the impact it has on employee’s motivation.
• Be pure in giving appreciation. Mixing it with a corrective discussion only sends a blur signal to employee.

Five simple tips above will drive employee to achieve more in their job. Just remember, appreciation is one of the best investments for the company’s future.


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