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Tips to Appreciate

What is the most motivating factor on employee lists? Is it money? Rank? More and more studies show us that the answer is appreciation. People in the work place want recognition and praise, more than money and sex, for doing their job well.

But why there are so many owners and managers don’t give appreciation? Some said they don’t know how to do that. Well, I think this is a big mistake. Lack of appreciation skill sooner or later will decrease overall employee’s morale and performance.

Here are some tips on how to give appreciation to employee that can increase their motivation:
• Be public when giving appreciation. It works best if giving in a public way.
• Be consistent in giving appreciation. Inconsistent appreciation will raise the issue of favoritism and grows bad morale.
• Be exact on action(s) or behavior that is appreciating, so employee clearly understands what action(s) that is expected.
• Be soon to give appreciation. The distant of time between the action and the appreci…

Focus On Positive Thoughts

Focus on positive thoughts means that we focus on something we prefer to happen or to have. We often hear something like this: “We must focus on positive thoughts, not on negative thoughts”. Everyone should agree about that. Why?

First, because positive thoughts make us feel better than negative thoughts. Second, because positive thoughts will attract another positive thoughts and negative thoughts will bring another negative thoughts. The accumulation of positive thoughts will increase our self potential while accumulated negative thoughts just overwhelming us.

But it is not that easy to always focus on positive thoughts.

Sometimes we find ourselves in unfortunate circumstances that it is hard for us to focusing our mind on positive thoughts. Our loves one just leaves us, our shelter just tear down, or our mind just occupied by some little worries that always bothering. Under these circumstances, expecting someone to feel happy and look sparkling is too much.

That is true, but focus on …

Mind Power

What will happen if we focussing our mind consistently on what we want? The tendency is we will get it.

It happens because when we focussing our mind it will creates images (something like pictures, sounds, feelings, even smells and/or tastes) of what we want. The way that those images are made up will be different from one person to another but, however, we all do.

Those images will be taken by our subconcious mind, then it start figuring out how to get them. Over time, if we persistence focussing our mind on one thing, we will find that we obtaining the thing we have been imaging, step by step.

Setting Your Goals (2)

Goals settings involve deciding what we truly want to do with our personal life. Providing limited resources, it helps us to plan and organize our resources, including our time, so that we can get the best out of our life.

First of all, we must plainly define short term and long term goals we need to achieve. Then we have to break down those goals into smaller and convenient targets that we must complete. Once we have our list waste no time in tackling those targets.

Setting our short and long term goals clearly will allow us to measure our progress. It will also enable us to see the stages of achievement leading to the actual realization of our goals. This will reduce the feeling of a long and meaningless crush towards achieving those goals.

If we can complete or achieve our goals step by step our self-confidence and level of competence will also improve as we'll be more aware of our capabilities.