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Focus On Positive Thoughts

Focus on positive thoughts means that we focus on something we prefer to happen or to have. We often hear something like this: “We must focus on positive thoughts, not on negative thoughts”. Everyone should agree about that. Why?

First, because positive thoughts make us feel better than negative thoughts. Second, because positive thoughts will attract another positive thoughts and negative thoughts will bring another negative thoughts. The accumulation of positive thoughts will increase our self potential while accumulated negative thoughts just overwhelming us.

But it is not that easy to always focus on positive thoughts.

Sometimes we find ourselves in unfortunate circumstances that it is hard for us to focusing our mind on positive thoughts. Our loves one just leaves us, our shelter just tear down, or our mind just occupied by some little worries that always bothering. Under these circumstances, expecting someone to feel happy and look sparkling is too much.

That is true, but focus on positive thoughts does not mean that we always feel joy and happiness. That is also true there are some thoughts that can make us happier than the others. Thinking about someone that is around us right now can make us happier than thinking about someone who just leaves us. Thinking about opportunities in our new neighborhood can make us happier than thinking about our ruined house.

The key is to take our focus away from a negative subject and start focus on something more positive. Maybe we can not 100% happy, but 60% happy is much better than 40% happy, isn’t it?


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