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Who Needs Motivation?

The answer is obvious: all of us. Everyone needs self motivation. Every body that needs to survive in this tough competition world needs to be self motivated. Facing so many challenges in life it’s really not easy to keep up the good work. We need something to provide us energy and boost our enthusiasm. Self motivation does that.

If we want to be success in any part of our life, we need self motivation. Self motivation plays an essential role in increasing our self esteem, because it cultivates a need to do something in our life. It’s said that one with a combination of self motivation and self determination in his or her heart can easily move mountains or find water in deserts.
With self motivation, one can be a better person or a better business person.

How we can get motivated? People get motivation from different sources. Some of us get motivated by our strong believe in The Almighty God. Some people can get motivation from their experiences in the past. Some get motivated by their …

5 Tips to Motivate Ourselves

Many times routines and problems make us losing our motivation. We fed up and bore to death. Exhausted to pursue more, we find our goals blurring and disappear day by day.

Below are 5 ways to set in a blaze and burn the motivation within:

1. Create passion – Imaging our dream car, house, or destination we want to go in our vacation. This will drive our self to make it happen or to bring them to our real life.
2. Talk the plan – Sharing our vision and steps to reach our goals with someone we love or trust will push our self to take action towards.
3. Gain energy – Sometimes the actual problem is that we run out of energy. Caffeine is one source of energy, but takes a nap or doing sports are better solution.
4. Create mental balance – It’s hard to motivate our self when we feel under pressure. Take a time out and entertain our self a little bit will create balance to the negative feeling inside.
5. Try little steps – Breakdown the impossible big rock and find out that moving gravel is lot of…

Tea Talking

The habit of drinking tea every day become more and more common these days. People consume this exotic blend for various reasons, from health to life style.

For years people come to tea gathering to socialized with friends, comrades, and relatives. Just to say hello or find some information about things around their life or business. Talking and sharing one another while having some cups of tea was known as one of the best way to spend the evening.

Beside the social virtue tea has its medical advantages. Tea contains polifenol, functioning as antioxidant that decreasing cancer risk and cardiovascular illness. It helps the forming of white blood cells that responsible in fighting infections. It also diminishes the development of plak by affecting mouth’s bacteria. Plus it’s decreasing blood pressure and blood sugar. The vitamin C founded in 100 gram tea is higher than those founded in apple, tomato, and orange. That’s why it can fights flu and stress.

In digestive system, tea may helps su…

Don't Use Negative Statements

Many times in our life we go through circumstances that persuade us to give up. In such times we are tempting to make negative statements about our selves, about other people or about the situation: “I’m a loser, my boss s___s, and this is the most terrible time in my life.”

I know it is hard to say something good or nice when something bad happen to us. But making negative statements give us negative mental attitude that will take us far from the solution.

Most peak performers in life, whether in business or in sports, refuse to use negative statements. Because they know, by their experiences, negative statements will take them nowhere then down. They know that negative statements will only make them negative persons and negative persons never reach the peak. Words precede results.