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Who Needs Motivation?

The answer is obvious: all of us. Everyone needs self motivation. Every body that needs to survive in this tough competition world needs to be self motivated. Facing so many challenges in life it’s really not easy to keep up the good work. We need something to provide us energy and boost our enthusiasm. Self motivation does that.

If we want to be success in any part of our life, we need self motivation. Self motivation plays an essential role in increasing our self esteem, because it cultivates a need to do something in our life. It’s said that one with a combination of self motivation and self determination in his or her heart can easily move mountains or find water in deserts.
With self motivation, one can be a better person or a better business person.

How we can get motivated? People get motivation from different sources. Some of us get motivated by our strong believe in The Almighty God. Some people can get motivation from their experiences in the past. Some get motivated by their family, friends, or loves one. These all form our perspective toward life in our mind.

There are such times in our life when we call for a lot of courage to survive. At those times we need to motivate our self. Lack of motivation at those times can be destructive and even obscure our life further.


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Self motivation is essential for our success. To be success in whatever area in our life we need to be self motivated person. Motivation empowered us for success. But what is the most effective way to develop such motivation? It is by using positive self affirmation.

Self affirmation means simply talking to our self. That why it’s also called self talk. It’s a declaration or statement we make about our self. It’s about what we want to be, or to do, or to have, specifically.

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Notice that positive self affirmation has some key ingredients: positive, specific, and using first person and present tense.

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