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Making Self Motivation Work

Do you really want to make self motivation work for you? Below are some fail-safe techniques.

a) State goals.
First of all, we must state our goals with deadlines. If we can’t state our own goals, the chance is we don’t know where we’re heading for. It is hard to develop a strong desire of achievement if we don’t really sure what to achieve. Experts have always mentioned it: know what you want and want it stoutly, if you want to achieve it.

b) Think positively.
It is vital to think positively and act positively about our personality. Put it this way: we can’t get positive outcome if we think negatively. Optimism is exceptionally important to achieve success in life. It increases our likelihood of achieving success to a vast extent.

c) Make plan.
Steve Chandler, a motivational speaker, once stated: “Successfully planned work will definitely motivate you to do more and more until you become unstoppable.” An action plan in itself contained immense source of motivation. It will also save us a lot of time and energy in moving towards our goals. Actually, nothing will work well for us without a plan.

d) Face problems.
It is likely to face obstacles in life. However, this should not become a reason to quit or to give up. We should see the diamond in problems. Every threat has something good in it to teach us. Running away from them is no solution, even make them worst.

e) Create energy.
Self-motivation consumes a lot of energy. Try to exercise and sleep well to create new and fresh energy and to stimulate desire. If we don’t have the passion to carry out a job, we will fall short in the start.

h) Small step.
If we have planned a huge target for our self, then we need to review our perception. It is not because the target isn’t possible to achieve. It is about making it a bit reasonable. The key is to break that giant target in to several small goals and try to achieve them one by one. Work towards the target gradually and voila: we are there.


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